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the blue print

I am in the race to take a stand against bad governance! To take a stand against imposition and the stealing of party structures through undemocratic means! Am in the race to stop impunity and conscienceless plunder of the commonwealth and patrimony of our people.

I have taken a stand and I am willing to stand by its consequences. I stand on the side of truth and conscience. I stand on the side of the people who die every day because of the absence of hospital infrastructure across the state! People whose pensions have been denied for several years and who die of want and deprivation even in the modst of plenty! I stand on the side of Restoring Abia to flourish. I do not aspire to be a good politician and will not be. I aspire to be a man of conscience and conviction and to be fearless and courageous in my pursuit of the greatest good of the greater majority of our people.

Martin Luther King took a stand. Mandela took a stand. I have taken a stand and I am on the side of what I believe in. I have decided to stand with the people against the oppressors of their destiny. I honestly believe that only through a selfless pursuit of the good of our people rather than political interest can our people be saved from the dungeon and abyss of hopelessness and grieve they have been plunged into these two and half decades.

That is the side I am on. Our individual successes shall not only be reckoned by our various individual accomplishments but by our collective contribution towards the development of the place we call hone.

I am willing and happy to continue to engage with men of goodwill and indeed, nde Abia in this regard.

I pray that the Lord will strengthen our hands as we galvanise together towards rebuilding Abia

good governance

A State that is committed to Good Governance with the capacity to create the enabling environment for all her citizens and residents to dream, try, succeed and thrive all across the land.


A State where every citizen of Abia dwells in safety and with peace of mind as we together passionately and creatively engage in fulfilling jobs that help us to enjoy an improved standard of living and achieve economic growth and social development for everyone.

My Prayer
My candid prayer and supplication are that we all join hands to restore and rebuild Abia. We must, more than ever, determine to plant trees even if we must not be around to find safety under it. The time has come when all true lovers of Abia must embark on a selection process which throws up our best eleven regardless of party affiliations.
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Etigwe considers the Abians as the nations greatest assets, and will do everything to protect and preserve human life and dignity.
MY vision is to position the state on course. Build the quality of Abia through integrity, honesty, and experience.
To build a brighter tomorrow in Education, Infrastructure and Economy using technology based strategy.